Creating the Total Footballer

Bangalore City Football Club (BCFC) aims to provide a professional player-focused approach. First-class player development is combined with the Dutch “total football” approach where each player is trained to move freely around the field, while still maintaining team structure. With European teaching methods, we are creating total football players who have the opportunity to excel individually and yet be part of a high-performing team. Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned player, then BCFC is the place for you. 

Technique • Tactics • Fitness • Nutrition

In order for our players to reach the next level, we believe that good nutrition and proper fitness are important.  Nutritional advice and help will be given to ensure that our players stay in top shape, physically and mentally. 

Cutting-edge fitness programs will be part of the weekly routine for strengthening and agility—all with the mindset of creating a total footballer. 

Besides focusing on technical skills for the field, we also strive to help our players learn the tactical side of football through field classes and seminars; both are necessary to become a total football player and to better understand the game.  

At BCFC we are committed to helping our players reach their top potential. With our approach to the beautiful game of football—and with connections inside India and around the globe—we are well-positioned to have our players take the next step and to assist them along their journey.