Girls in sports

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Sports is a great way to develop skills that benefit all areas of life like teamwork, work ethic, performing under pressure, and good sportsmanship. Recently girls and women's sports have become popular around the world. New research has shown that sports have many long term developmental and health benefits, especially for girls. 

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I know that through years of playing sports it has helped me through my childhood and adolescent years. Playing sports benefited me in ways that have served well through college and beyond. A huge part of football that I love is the team dynamic, I've made some of my best friends on the football field and we're still close to this day. I've learned some of the most difficult lessons about hard work, character, and diligence through the game that I can apply to all areas of my life. I've also been shaped into the person I am today largely because of the lessons I've learn on the field and the people I've met because of the game. I am better because of football and because of the people who invested in me through the game.

At BCFC we have a new girls' programs with trained coaches who teach players and develop their football skills through our total football coaching philosophy. We believe in good life values and character and seek to implement that into the way we coach and train. We offer programs for all skill levels to fit your daughters’ needs. Whether your daughter has played football for years or has never played football before, we have programs that will help her learn football, develop into a great player and woman, as well as have a lot of fun!