Fighting Cancer one goal at a time

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The Bangalore City Football Club Senior Lions kicked off their long awaited season in an exciting match against Simba Sports FC. The Lions stood out not only for their talent in their Division 1 opener, but also grabbed everyone’s attention with their pink socks. These bold socks were not just a fashion statement, but part of an effort to raise awareness and support to those fighting battles with cancer. In addition to their not so conventional socks, BCFC also decided to donate Rs.1000 to the fight against cancer for every goal made by the Lions during the match.


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BCFC knew going in that win or lose, they would be proud of themselves for supporting men, women, and children who are up against the toughest battles of their lives. However, they were more than excited to take the win over Simba Sports FC in this season kick off. Both teams started off strong in the fight and it showed at halftime with the score being 1-1. But with determination and effort from the team as a whole, the Lions were able to get in another goal within minutes of the game ending and then held the opponents for the remainder of the game. Winning 2-1, BCFC was able to not only win the match, but win Rs.2000 to people fighting an even tougher battle.