Rise and Shine


On Sunday, 22 April, the Bangalore City Football Club Lions took the field at St. Joseph’s PU College. U7, U10, U13, and U15 got a chance to come together and watch one another play against St. Joseph's School.


As some of the U7 players began their first ever football match, they were ready and excited to put all that they’re been learning in practice into a match. About the match, Coach Eliyah said, “The kids did great and I am very proud of them.” Although they didn’t win, the players did well with working as a team to play great offence. The youngest athletes representing BCFC ended their match at 4-3.

Coach Brett and team

The boys playing in the U10 match were coached by Coach Brett. After the match he said, “It’s always great seeing the boys play on the field. It may not have been the results we wanted, but they played well and fought hard. Very proud!” The U10 match ended at 2-0.

Coach Bo coached the U13 and U15 matches. The U13 played great defence and were able to keep the other team from scoring, unfortunately, the other team did just as well. The match ended 0-0 for U13.

As the U15 boys took the field, the sky grew dark and the wind picked up. They played hard while they could, but their match was cut short when it began to pour. As a result of the short match, they also finished with a score of 0-0.

Although some of the matches were cut short due to weather, the BCFC Lions played with excellence and represented BCFC well while they could. This opportunity to play gave them ideas on what to work on in practice and of course made them more excited to play more matches in the future.